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Fluid Controls
Product Summary
Lutz Pumps
Gespasa Equipment
Cucchi Pumps
Pollard Pumps
Thoelen Pumps
Piusi Equipment
Adam Pumps
Hand Pumps

We specialise in decanting and transferring of all types of fluids from drums, tanks and containers

Managing all types of fluids

Container emptying and decanting

Fuels and lubricant dispensing

Dosing and metering

Management and control...........

Specialised liquids

Highly aggressive Acid & Alkaline solutions

Neutral or toxic liquids

Thin to high viscosity liquids

Flammable products


Fuels and Oils

Food products

Cosmetic creams and lotions

Paints and resins......................


We offer products to a wide range of industries and business

Chemical Manufactures & Distributers

Petro & Bio Fuels manufactures

Petro & Bio Fuels consumers

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

Food, Drink and Breweries

Water Treatment

Plating Plants

Mining and Beneficiation Plants

Farming and Plant Equipment

Transport Industry

Paint Manufacturers

Home Industries

Brick Manufacturing


Fire fighting

Power generation and maintenance

Battery manufacturing

Research and Laboratories..............

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