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Piston heads may be used when the liquids are clear, for liquids that are non-crystallising and do not contain particles in suspension.

The Wet-End consists of the Head, Valves, Piston and Piston Seals.

Wet-End is connected to the gearbox via an intermediate spacing flange which prevents damage to the gearbox mechanism in the event of an aggressive fluid leak.

On request more than one head, Multiplex Pump, can be assemble to allow for proportional metering of different fluids or double the flow range of the pump.

Gravity assisted ball valves are a standard.

Standard connection to the valves are with male BSP threads or preferably by O-ring face sealing connections. Special flanged connections are also available on request..

 Standard Materials:

  • XT  =  Head, Piston & Valves in S.S. AISI 316 / Piston Seals in PTFE
    • Fluid Temperature 0C to 180C
  • XV =  Head, Piston & Valves in S.S. AISI 316 / Piston Seals in FPM (Viton)
    • Fluid Temperature 0C to 160C
  •   P = Head & Valves in PVC / Piston in Ceramic /  Piston Seals in FPM (Viton)
    • Fluid Temperature 0C to 50C

Gearbox is a robust construction consisting of a single worm reduction gear. Adjustment of the pumped volume per stroke can be varied manually from 0-100%, whilst the pump is running or at rest, via a control knob which has an easy to read scale.

Motors are standard IEC frames, 4 pole - IP55 - TEFC, mounted vertically to the gearbox via a close coupled B14 flange. Standard motors are available in 400V or 525V three as well as 230V single phase. On special request motors can be ordered with other specifications, including explosion proof.


SLOW SPEED DOSING - Viscosity up to 300 cPs

   Maximum Delivery Pressure    (bar)Valve ConnectionsMaximum  Stroke LengthMotor     
 Flow RateStrokes per   Minute
CPP 2/116.9682010" Gm" Gm17.50.25
CPP 2/1717
CPP 2/2536
CPP 2/3051
CPP 2/388113
CPP 2/471288.58.5
CPP 2/541676.56.5" Gm" Gm
CPP 2/642344.54.5
CP 3/2541542010" Gm" Gm250.55
CP 3/4714917" Gm" Gm
CP 3/5419013
CP 3/642659.59.51" Gm1" Gm
CP 3/763816.56.5
CP 3/895194.84.8


FAST SPEED DOSING - Viscosity up to 150 cPs

   Maximum Delivery Pressure   (bar)Valve ConnectionsMaximum  Stroke LengthMotor  
 Flow RateStrokes per   Minute
CPP 2/1111.91182010" Gm" Gm17.50.25
CPP 2/1729
CPP 2/2562
CPP 2/3089
CPP 2/3814213
CPP 2/472228.58.5
CPP 2/542876.56.5" Gm" Gm
CPP 2/644064.54.5
CP 3/2584.21102010" Gm" Gm250.55
CP 3/4729817" Gm" Gm
CP 3/5438213
CP 3/645309.59.51" Gm1" Gm
CP 3/767656.56.5
CP 3/8910504.84.8

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