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Lutz AOD Pumps
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Air Operated Double

Diaphragm Pumps

  • Simpler, quicker & safer handling of fluids to and from drums, containers, sumps & tanks.

  • Reduced spillages result in money saved.

  • Ideal for decanting & the transfer of many different fluids;

    •  Acid or alkaline fluids in Industrial Applications or Laboratory Application

    • Solvents & Fuels

    • Decanting viscose Glues, molasses, cosmetics & food products.

    • Liquids with solids present or slurries.

  • No air lubrication required

  • Wide selection of compatible materials to suite aggressive liquids

  • Can safely run dry without damage

  • Self-priming

  • Hermetically sealed system

  • Pumps can easily be integrated with Lutz flow meters to measure fluids and can be automated to batch automatically.

Versatile pump for use with neutral and corrosive liquids any many different industries.

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Plastic Pumps

HousingTemp RangeApplications
PP0 to +660CNeutral and Aggressive liquids like Glycol, Ferric Chloride, Hydrochloric & Phosphoric Acid.
PVDF (Kynar)-18 to +930CGood strength and resistance to abrasion. Resistant to most aggressive fluids and solvents
PA (Nylon)-23 to +660CUsed with a variety of flammable liquids like some solvents and fuels (Ex)

* MAX-PASS  valves can be fitted to these models to increase the size of solids handled

Metal Pumps

HousingTemp RangeApplications
Aluminium-23 to +930CUsed for oils and many other products in industrial, mining and marine applications
Stainless Steel-23 to +930CExhibits a very high degree of chemical resistance with corrosive fluids
  • Diaphragm Materials on Both Plastic & Metal Ranges:

    • NBR (Geolast)

    • EPDM (Santoprene)

    • FPM (Viton)

    • PTFE (Teflon)

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