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Lutz Pumpen


Motor Driven


Drum & Container Pumps




Tot Comercial


Fuel & Lubricant Equipment



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Pompe Cucchi


Dosing & Metering Pumps

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Fuel & Lubricant Equipment

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Pompes Pollard


CMtec Vane

Fuel & Oil


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Thoelen Pumpen


Low Flow


Low Pressure

Peristaltic Pumps



has been in the pump business for more than 50 years.

The company has been under the present ownership since July 2002.

We pride ourselves, and have a reputation for being able to work hand in hand with our clients in finding solutions to all types of fluid handling applications.

We offer a wide range of specialised Pumps, Flow Meters, Batch Meters, Electrical Motors, Hosing, Hand Pumps and Nozzles.

We carry an extensive range of ready to sell equipment, as well as a full range of spares, including repair facilities for all our products at our premises.

Our Mission

We strive to offer all our clients service and products of the highest  quality, creating a winning environment for all.

The following famous brand names are represented by us;

  • LUTZ: (Germany - Since 1969*) Chemical Drum and Container pumps - Flow Meter Systems – Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps - Magnetic Drive Centrifugal pumps.

  • GESPASA: (Spain - Since 1996) Fuel & Lubrication management pumps, meters and accessories.

  • CUCCHI: (Italy - Since 1990) Chemical Metering pumps – consisting of Motor Driven Piston and Diaphragm pumps, as well as an extensive range of Gear pumps.

  • POLLARD: (France - Since 2010) “CMtec” technology which combines the advantages of a gear pump into a vane pump.

  • THÖLEN: (Germany - Since 2011) Peristaltic low pressure dosing pumps.

Other Brands we offer;

  • Piusi: Fuel & Lubrication management pumps, meters and accessories.
  • Sigma: Semi Rotary Wing Pumps
  • Autoclude: (UK - Since 1989) Peristaltic low pressure dosing pumps.

Fluid Controls operates out of its own premises, which is conveniently situated just west of Johannesburg.

We are a Level Four (4) contributor and have 100%  B-BBEE procurement recognition.

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