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Manufactured in Italy


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Transfer & Metering

Gear Pumps


As a result of considerable experience in the manufacture of chemical metering & dosing pumps, Pompe Cucchi (Cookie) have designed their range of Gear Pumps as well as Motor Driven Piston and Diaphragm Pumps to provide:

  • Exceptional reliability;

  • Precise control;

  • Simplicity of operation;

  • Wide range of applications due to a wide selection of construction materials;

  • Minimum maintenance and any required repairs can be done without any special tools.


  • Dairy

  • Agriculture

  • Paint

  • Chemical

  • Petro Chemical

  • Textile

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Confectionary

  • Paper

  • Food Production

  • Cosmetic

  • Water Treatment

  • Brick Manufacturing

  • Foundries


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