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DOLPHIN - GPRS(3G) Level Gauge


        DOLPHIN LEVEL GAUGE: 258200300

  DOLPHIN DIESELPLUS FEE: 670800500 (App. Annual Access Licence Fee)

  • Ultra Sonic Level Gauge, no physical contact with fluids

  • Make periodic enquiry of the fluid level in your tank.

  • Wireless Connectivity: GPRS (GSM SIM included)

  • Level Viewing & Settings:gespasa_258200300_DOLPHIN - GPRS(3G) Level Gauge

    • App: DieselPlus Tanks on Android or IOs

    • Website:

  • Suitable for any non-flammable fluids

  • IP-66 weather proof

  • Suited to Climates -10C to +50C

  • Tank Depth: 100mm to 4000mm

  • Upload Setting: 1 per hour or 2 per day

  • Powered: 3.6 V lithium battery (4 years)

  • Reading resolution: 5 mm 1% of mm

  • DieselPlus Communication offers:

    • The reading of the tank level

    • Multiaccess from different devices

    • Minimum level alarms

    • Maximum level alarms

    • Filling alarms

    • Level drop alarms

    • Alarm history

    • Data export in *.csv or *.txt format

    • Grouping the tanks by zones, installations, ...

    • Making a register of inputs by supplier, cost, amount, ...

    • Automatic data reception of the tank state in your email

    • Having a supplier register

WA - Alarm Level Indicator

Code: 808316013../Picture & Docgespaspa_808316013_WA ALARM LEVEL INDICATOR

  • Ultra Sonic Level Gauge, no physical contact with fluids.

  • For diesel, oil, water and ADBLUE storage tanks.

  • Quick and easy to install.

  • Constantly measuring the level of fluid in the tank.

  • Suitable for steel or plastic tanks:

    • Minimum diameter 600mm

    • Measures tanks up to 3 meters high.



    • Fitted to a 2" opening on the top of the tank.

    • Battery Operated.



    • Can be located up to 200m away.

    • Mains powered 230V.

    • LCD screen, Liquid level display.

    • Alarm When fluid drops below 10% of level.

    • Alarm When rate of drop exceeds 3cm/min. (Leak or Theft Warning).

Mechanical Level Indicator

Code: 801901001gespasa_801901001_level_indicator

  • Tank fuel height gauge.

  • Suitable for tanks with a maximum diameter of 2 m (15,000 litres).

  • Screw connection onto the tank: 1" BSP thread

  • Indicator is actuated by float that is put into the tank.

  • Easy and quick reading through the clock, expressed in centimetres.

  • There are two scales easily exchangeable:

    • One for tank heights of 150 cm

    • One for tank heights of 250 cm.

  • Weatherproof

  • Easy assembly

  • Does not need any maintenance.

EGC - High Flow Hose Reel

Code: 807303020

  • The wall bracket and the side frame are made in one single piece to increase the stability.

  • For the supply of diesel, lubricant, compressed air and water.gespasa_807303020_EGC_high_flow_hose_reel

  • The delivery arm can be mounted in different positions.

  • Automatic rewind, spring-driven hose-reel.

  • Suitable for Gespasa Antistatic double layer hoses;

    • Hose 20mm (ؾ) - 15m Long Max.

    • Hose 25mm (1 ) - 10m Long Max.

  • Hose pressure: 10 bar Max

  • Dim.: 310x530x490 mm (Length x Width x Height)

  • Weight:

    • 22 kg - Without Hose

    • 33 kg - With Hose



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