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Lutz Pumpen Logo

Lutz Pumpen


Motor Driven


Drum & Container Pumps



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Tot Comercial


Fuel & Lubricant Equipment



Pompe Cucchi Logo

Pompe Cucchi


Dosing & Metering Pumps

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Fuel & Lubricant Equipment

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Pompes Pollard


CMtec Vane

Fuel & Oil


Thoelen Pumpen Logo

Thoelen Pumpen


Low Flow


Low Pressure

Peristaltic Pumps

Cordless Drum Pumps

Perfect for decanting neutral and hazardous liquids in places where there is no electricity



Flow rates up to 80 l/min

Delivery head up to 8 m

Based on Water @ 20C without hose


B2 Cordless Motor

  • Manufactured by Lutz

  • Brushless DC (BLDC)

  • High efficiency up to 70%

  • 260W Output power

  • Infinite speed adjustment

  • Automatic overload shutdown



B2 Battery

  • Manufactured by GreenWorks

  • Voltage 24V

  • Type Lithium-Ion

  • Available capacity

    • 4Ah / 43.2 Wh

    • 8Ah / 86.4 Wh (Coming Soon)



B2 Pump Material Construction Options

Suited to low viscosity non-flammable liquids with the following properties;

Density up to 1.6 kg/dm Maximum

Viscosity up to 400 mPas Maximum

Stainless Steel ( SS )

Transformer Oil Compressor Oil

Hydraulic Oils

Engine Lubicant







Polypropylene ( PP )

Battery acid

Ammonia water

Photographic Fluid


Phosphoric acid

Hydrochloric acid

Hydrogen peroxide

Polyvinylidene Flouride (PVDF)

Chloric acid,

Chromic acid,

Sulphuric acid,

Nitric acid,

Hydrofluoric acid

Sodium hypochlorite

Recommended Accessories

Delivery Hose & Nozzle

Volume Meter

Lever Pump

04010 GESPASA BP-5 HAND DRUM PUMP_hand pump

Code BP-5: 04010

  • Drum pump

  • Construction;

    • Galv. Steel handle, spout and riser

    • Aluminium body

    • Die cast zinc piston c/w brass piston rings

    • NBR seals

  • 0.3 litres/action

  • Pumps Diesel, Paraffin & Oils

  • Telescopic riser tube

  • Bung adapter 2" for 210L drums and 1 for 50L drums

  • Curves discharge spout.

Rotary Pump for Lubricants  

0033201B_rotary hand pump_oils

Code NTSG Black: PS-F0033201B

  • Drum pump

  • Constructed:

    • Cast Iron body

    • Galvanised / Black steel riser

    • Neoprene seals

  • 0.27 litres/revolution

  • Pumps: OILS ONLY

  • Includes: Sectional riser tube, 2" bung adapter and discharge spout.

Rotary Pump for Diesel

Code BRM-88: 04030

  • Drum pump

  • Constructed:

    • Aluminium body

    • Galvanised / Black steel riser

    • Neoprene seals

  • 0.27 litres/revolution


  • Includes: Sectional riser tube, 2" bung adapter and discharge spout.


Rotary Pump for Petrol

040300100 GESPASA BRM-88 ATEX HAND DRUM PUMP_hand pump fuels

Code BRM-88 ATEX: 040300100

  • Drum pump

  • Constructed:

    • Aluminium body

    • Galvanised / Black steel riser

    • Viton seals

  • 0.27 litres/revolution


  • Includes: Sectional riser tube, earthing cable, 2" bung adapter and discharge spout.

NX - Plunger PP Chemical Hand Pump Scope Next

Codes:       NX_scope next_chemical hand pump

NX 25   for     20-25L drums: NX-25/5

NX 200 for 200-210L drums: NX-200/55

  • Drum & container pump

  • Immersion Diameter: 41mm

  • Twist up non-drip discharge spout

  • Easy glide action due to minimal components

  • Construction:

    • 100% High Quality food grade PP

    • No metals or elastomer seals

  • Pumping in both up & down action

  • Volume

    • 0.18 litres/action - 25

    • 0.40 litres/action - 200

  • Viscosity up 2000 cPs

  • Particulates in solution can be pumped

  • YES: Water, mild Chemicals, Food & Cleaning products

  • NO: Flammable liquids, fuels, solvents or alcohols

  • OPTIONAL: Hose connection kit


SNX SS 96 - Plunger SS Solvent Hand Pump Scope Next

SNX_SS_96 Solvent Hand PumpCode for 20-210L drums: NX-SNX96SS

  • Drum & container pump

  • Immersion diameter: 29mmSNX_SS_96 Solvent Hand Pump

  • Curved discharge spout: 13mm diameter

  • Easy glide action due to minimal components

  • Construction:

    • Body & internals: High quality Stainless Steel

    • Seals: PTFE

  • Volume: 0.30 litres/action

  • Viscosity up 25 cPs

  • Drum adapter: Outer thread G2"

  • Pumps: Solvents like alcohols & thinners, fuels, mild chemicals  & cleaning products compatible with SS/PTFE

TMG - Bellows Hand Pump


TMG-040 for   25 Litre drums: 04060

TMG-080 for 210 Litre drums04050_Gespasa Hand Pump_04060_bellows: 04050

  • Low cost disposable pump

  • Easy to use

  • Pumping:

    • To lower level:  By syphoning. Priming by squeezing the bellows a few times. The liquid will flow under gravity by itself. Opening the vent valve on the bellows will stop the flow.

    • To higher level: By repeatedly squeezing the bellows

  • Construction in Polyethylene

  • Thin viscosity liquids only

  • Maximum fluid temperature: 40C

  • Particulates in solution can be pumped

  • Supplied with corrugated discharge hose

  • Suited to petrol and most fuels, water, mild chemicals, food & cleaning products that are compatible with Polyethylene

BT-87 Multipurpose Drill Pump

Code: 0010000100 GESPASA BT-87 Multipurpose Drill Pump

  • It fits any type of hand-held or professional power drill (2000/2500 rpm)

  • This small pump is a useful accessory to fill diesel motors or empty all type of baths, aquariums, toilet bowls, washing machines, flooded basements. .Useful when caravanning, at home, in laboratories, .......  all that's required to transfer liquid is a good power drill.

  • Can be used with;

    •  Diesel

    • Water

    • Herbicides

    • Antifreeze, .....

  • Flow rates up to 60 l/min*

  • Self priming up to 2.5m*

  • Delivery up to 20m*

  • 24mm Hose connections

  • Made from PA (Nylon) and brass

  • Drill not included

*According to the drill features

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